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Article 4 (2) Direction for 
Polperro Conservation Area

If you are proposing to carry out alterations to a residential property in Polperro's Conservation Area, this will affect you

Polperro was designated a Conservation Area in 1969 because of its history and special character. Our heritage is an irreplaceable resource which is in everyone's interest to preserve and enhance. By improving our surroundings, we can enjoy a better living environment and economic benefits.

Article 4(2) Direction applies within the shaded zone of this map  and states that a planning application will be required for the following types of building alterations, which might otherwise qualify as permitted development:

O   the erection, alteration or removal of a chimney on a house, or on a building within the curtilage of a house

and any of the following developments which would front a highway, waterway or open space:

O   the enlargement, improvement or other alteration of a house, including alteration to or replacement of windows and doors

O   the alteration of a house roof, including re-roofing

O   the erection or construction of a porch outside any external door of a house

O   the erection or demolition of a gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure within the curtilage of a house

O   the painting or rendering of natural stone walls and other minor works

The requirement to seek planning permission in the above cases gives local authority officers an opportunity to provide guidance to property owners on forms of development that are appropriate for the Conservation Area. Where a planning application is required by virtue of an Article 4 Direction, the standard planning application fee will be charged. A guide to fees applicable can be found here.

We advise you always to consult Cornwall Council's planning

team on telephone 0300 1234 151 if you are proposing to

carry out alterations or other building works in the Conservation


Additional requirement if a Listed Building:

Polperro has many nationally important buildings that are listed for their special architectural and historic interest. Irrespective of the Article 4 (2) direction, Listed Building Consent is required for all works of demolition of a listed building, or for its alteration or extension, which is likely to affect its character as a building of special architectural or historical interest.

View  map of Article 4(2) Direction boundary

Planning applications for alterations that would not preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the Conservation Area such as; replacing traditional window frames with aluminium or uPVC, altering the proportion of traditional windows to a modern layout or replacing traditional wooden doors with uPVC ‘period’ doors will normally be recommended for refusal.  Generally, the Council will not normally approve the loss or replacement of important or traditional features with modern ones, and is unlikely to allow the use of inappropriate substitute materials such as aluminium or plastic. Where modern materials have replaced traditional ones in the past, it is expected that the correct original materials and details will be restored when circumstances allow or when further replacement is needed.

The Polperro Conservation Area Appraisal was updated in 2019. You can download a copy of the Document here