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Local Notices***NEW***

Notice of Public Rights and Publishing of unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2020/21 At the end of each year, the accounting records for the financial year and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers, receipts and other documents relating to those records must be made available for inspection by any person interested, during a period of 30 working days set by the smaller authority and including the first 10 working days of July. That period for PCC commences on Monday 14 June. See here for details.

Cornwall Council, Parish Council and Police and Crime Commissioner Elections Notices of Election have been published for these elections to take place on Thursday 6 May. To see the Formal Notices click on the links below:

Polperro Community Council  -Statement of Persons Elected

Coronavirus Advice

Understandably, many people are concerned about the current Coronavirus issues and there is much speculation, some well informed and some less so, sweeping the press and social media. To keep you informed of the real facts and guidance, Cornwall Council has published an Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) page on its website with useful links and general information on staying well during the flu season. This is where you should go for the latest national guidance, as the sites shown on this page will be routinely updated. Public Health England is leading on advice for the public. For further information please visit the NHS website.

Residents of Lansallos Parish - Do you need help during the Corona Virus restrictions? Polperro Community Council is looking to support residents of the parish who need assistance during the current health crisis. If you need help with shopping, prescriptions etc or are willing to help provide assistance for for the more vulnerable or at-risk members of the community then please read this NOTICE which provides more details.

Polperro Community Cupboard

Polperro Community Cupboard has now been established at the Village Hall, which contains a selection of arts and crafts supplies, puzzle books and games among other fun things to help you get through the lockdown hours. It is free to any member of the community so feel free to take a look and help yourselves to anything. There is hand sanitizer available and a number of rules in force to ensure everyone’s safety. Please make sure you follow them.

All of this was supplied thanks to a donation from a Polperro well-wisher and a contribution to the Community Council from County Councillor Edwina Hannaford’s Community Chest. We hope you like what we’ve chosen to start with but if you have any ideas for top ups please let Jude Greville in the Post Office know. You are also most welcome to gift anything for the cupboard but please donate via the Post Office so items can be suitably sanitised before being placed in the cupboard. The cupboard will be open daily 9am to 5pm.

Dog Fouling

Many of you will be aware that Polperro Community Council employs a Community Enforcement Officer to help tackle instances of dog fouling and littering. He is fully authorised to issue Fixed Penalty Notices where necessary to those failing to follow the rules. Please read our “Advice to Dog Owners” leaflet for information on the laws regarding responsible dog ownership. This can be found here or on the Parish Notice boards.

Want to help with the issue of dog fouling?  You can help bring perpetrators to the attention of Cornwall Council by reporting instances that you witness on their website. Cornwall Council will investigate all dog fouling complaints that are received - although the level of service that they can provide will obviously vary depending upon the quality of information that is provided. For example they would be in a better position to take action should you be able to provide a full description of what happened, including date, time, location, what you witnessed, description of the dog/owner and as much information as possible about the incident - also any information regarding the offender - which could include name/address (if known), vehicle registration number or any other identifying feature. Report this online at https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/reportdog

Visitors to Polperro
Please be aware the village streets are very narrow and visitors often get their vehicles stuck. Take notice of the advisory signs and use the car park at the entrance to the village to avoid such pitfalls.
If you are using satellite navigation equipment, be aware that it may direct you off the main road and down into the village via a very steep and narrow hill.  You are advised to stay on the main A387 road and switch off your navigation equipment as you approach Polperro.