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Local Notices

Cornwall Council’s Future Waste Collection Survey  ****NEW****

Cornwall Council is currently considering the new waste collection contract, which will commence in April 2020. This will involve looking at the frequency and type of collection. The current recommendation proposes a weekly collection of recycling and food waste and a fortnightly collection of waste that cannot be recycled. Cornwall Council wants to hear from you about how this might affect you and has placed a survey on line to help gather your views. Click here to view the details and access the survey.

Talland Church Christmas Festival Events

Come and celebrate Christmas with a number of festive events at Talland Church. Details here or visit the website (www.tallandchurch.co.uk).

Local Government Boundary Commission - Review of Ward Division Boundaries

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has formally commenced a consultation on the ward boundaries. The consultation is now running until 19 February 2018 and your views on the electoral review, including the future ward boundaries for a reduced number of Cornwall Councillors are sought. More information can can be found here.

Support your Mobile Library Service

The Mobile Library Service visits Polperro on a Tuesday every four weeks, stopping at the lorry park in the village and outside the school at Brentfields. It is currently underused and, like all services these days, will be subject to review. If you want to see this service continued, it needs your support - use it or lose it! More details here.

Dog Fouling

Are you getting fed up with the level of dog fouling around the parish? You can help bring perpetrators to the attention of Cornwall Council by reporting instances that you witness on their website. Cornwall Council will investigate all dog fouling complaints that are received - although the level of service that they can provide will obviously vary depending upon the quality of information that is provided. For example they would be in a better position to take action should you be able to provide a full description of what happened, including date, time, location, what you witnessed, description of the dog/owner and as much information as possible about the incident - also any information regarding the offender - which could include name/address (if known), vehicle registration number or any other identifying feature. Report this online at https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/reportdog


Visitors to Polperro
Please be aware the village streets are very narrow and visitors often get their vehicles stuck. Take notice of the advisory signs and use the car park at the entrance to the village to avoid such pitfalls.
If you are using satellite navigation equipment, be aware that it may direct you off the main road and down into the village via a very steep and narrow hill.  You are advised to stay on the main A387 road and switch off your navigation equipment as you approach Polperro.