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Parish, Town and Community Councils in England and Wales are the first tier of Local Government and they have an overall responsibility for the well being of the local community.The Council has a number of basic responsibilities, many of which are taken for granted, and include transport, lighting, tourism, leisure, public open spaces, litter and waste bins, burial grounds, bus shelters, licensing, footpaths and bridle ways and community buildings. The Council is also a “statutory consultee” in planning matters.

Local Links

http://polperro.community/ndp/ Information on the creation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Lansallos Parish.

www.polperro.org Everything you want and need to know about Cornwall's gem.

www.lovepolperro.com - Lots of great advice on pubs, restaurants, attractions, what's on in Polperro.

http://www.polperrofestival.co.uk/ Annual festival of Music and the arts.

Latest News and Announcements

Completion of Audit of 2020/21 Accounts The audit of the 2020/21 Accounts of Polperro Community Council has been completed by the external auditor. More details can be found on the Notices and/or The Finances pages.

Introduction of “Street Marshall” at Crumplehorn -The Community Council has commissioned a “street marshall” to be stationed at Crumplehorn on a part time basis in an effort to reduce unnecessary traffic entering the restricted zone. Read the notice here.

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